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G. Michael Perry Softball Tournament

September    14, 2013

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2013 G. Michael Perry Softball Tournament Wrap Up

The Perry Family wanted to make sure athletes had the opportunity to participate in sports year-round and therefore helped start this annual tournament in 2008. Come join us for a fun day to celebrate athletes around Wyoming and their dedication to sports!


Events Offered:

Venue Locations:
About 85 Athletes Individual Skills Competition North Casper Sports Complex

About 19 Unified Sports Partners

Traditional Special Olympics Team Play 1700 East ‘K’ Street
And 50 Coaches and Volunteers Unified Sports® Team Play Casper, WY 82610


Help support athletes succeed in Softball by making a contribution. How?  Contact Chris Ryan about sponsorship opportunities!





Area Competition

There currently isn’t any Area Softball Tournaments scheduled. If you are interested in hosting an area competition please contact Arian Currah.


General Schedule:

  • July- Registration materials sent to Local Coordinators and posted on the web
  • September2nd - Softball Registration Deadline
  • September 9th -Follow-up packets sent to Local Coordinators and Head Coaches
  • September 14th- G. Michael Perry Softball Tournament!


Games Schedules:

  • Tournament Schedule (Available after September 9th)
  • Draft Schedule:
    • 9:00am- Registration
    • 9:15am- Opening Ceremonies
    • 9:30am- First Games Begin
    • 10:15am- Individual Skills Competition
    • 11:30am-12:30pm- Lunch
    • Awards will be presented immediately following competition




Registration Materials:

Other Resources:


Sports Rules and Coaches Guides available here


General Information

Team Competition

  • Athletes may compete in either the Team Competition or Individual Skills competition but not in both.
  • Athletes competing in team events must have numbers on the back of their uniform that are a minimum of 6” tall. See the Coordinators Manual regarding uniform specifications.
  • Athlete must wear athletic attire appropriate for their sport and weather conditions.  This means team players need numbers on the back of uniforms.
  • Jeans are not appropriate for either coaches or athletes.
  • Shirts are expected to be tucked in and neat.


Individual Skills Competition:

  • Individual Skills are outlined in the softball rules available on the Sports Resources Page.
  • Individual Skills is comprised of:
    • Base Running
    • Throwing
    • Fielding
    • Hitting


  • Special Olympics has established minimum training standards for athletes to prepare for competition.
  • The purpose of training is to assure that athletes have the skills and stamina to compete safely at area and state competition. 
  • All athletes (and partners) should participate in an 8-10 week minimum training program.

Volunteer Info

Special Olympics Wyoming would like to extend the invitation for you to join us by volunteering at the 2014 State Softball Tournament in Casper, WY.

Click or scroll below to view available volunteer shifts. To register click on the time slot. *Meals will be available to volunteers that pre-register to volunteer!

Competition Volunteer Opportunities



Volunteer Opportunities




Set-up/ Registration

North Casper Sports Complex


Volunteer Registration




Individual Skills










Softball Tournament Sponsors


The Perry Family

Tim & Barb Ahlering
Ron & Gale Alexander
Bob & Lori Alt
Jim & Cody Anderson
Egon & Eva Babler
Larry & Sarah Barden
Roger Batchelder
Liz Becher
Bob & Mary Berthold
Jack & Sue Blomstrom
Art & Lynette Boatwright
Steve Borowski
Tom & Mary Frances Burke
Frank & Diane Chauner
Gerhard & Ruth Cless
Mazie Conarty
Frank Cordiner
Chris & Maria Corlis
Norm & Jodi Cox
Steve & Laurel Crane
Charlie & Bobbie Denison
Nate & Nadine Dexter
Phil & Nancy Dodson
Robert & Carmen Dolen
Ron & Karen Dutton
Gretchen &Anthony Schweizer Effgen
Max & Andrea Effgen
Rick & Hele Effgen
Ryan & Bethany Effgen
Howard & Nina Ewart
Bill & Barbara Eyler
Dan & Kim Fedore
Don & Joyce Ferguson
Rebecca Franklin
Fred & Cindy Franz
Michael & Joy Franz
Jeff Friedman
Jon & Rita Gealow
Tim & Andrea George
Susan Littlefield Haines
Luke Hardy
Mike Harkins
Danny & PJ Henderson
Rob & Priscilla Holt
Brian Hughes
Debra Huber
Don & Susan Jacobson
Joel & Cathy Jacobson
Barry & Stacy Johnson
Maj Juillerat
Nancy Kaari-Bowman
Mark & Colette Kamin
Rolly & Michele Keenen
Jim & Cindy King
Liz King
Hilary & Michelle Lancaster
Tom & Lori Lancaster
Jerry & Colleen Larsen
Gregory Lemon
Wm & Hilery Lindmier
Don & Carol Lisle
Donna Lung
Michael   Mangan
Al & Diane Mattern
Evelyn McDaniel
Kim & Leah Merchant
Mark & Brigid Merriman
Storm & Jan Metzger
Jacob Mitchell
Lew & Colleen Moeller
Bob & Karen Moenkhus
Sue & Bob Moore
Tonya Newsome
Mike & Sue O'Gara
Janet & Mark Owens
Floyd & Linda Perkins
John Perry
Patricia K. Perry
Patricia P. Perry
Margo Perry
Elisabeth Perry
Ken  Peterson
Gary & Martha Pett
Maribeth Plocek
John Popelka
Phil & Nancy Prange
Nancy Rauchfuss
Bart & Liz Rea
Nicholas Reed
Lee's Glass &  Paint, Inc. Rip Santoni
David & DeeAnne Simonson
Peter & Vicki Slowick
Marc & Diedre Sokol
Cory Stirling
Barry & Cathie Tauber
Lois & Kelly Taubert
Gene & Deb Theriault
Eleanore Walker
Clint & Alecia Walker
Heidi & Drew Walker
Barb Walker
Herty & Roy Larsen Warnholtz
Marilyn Warnholtz
James Wetzel
Nancy Witzeling
Ray & Chiharu Zeason
Rick & Sharon Zellmer
Eagle Ability Services
Women of the Moose


Would you like to Become a Sponsor of the Special Olympics G. Michael Perry Softball Tournament?

Contact Chris Ryan


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