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The Healthy Athletes initiative is dedicated to providing health services and education to Special Olympics athletes, and changing the way health systems interact with people with intellectual disabilities. Through free health screenings, training for healthcare professionals, and evaluation of the health status of people with intellectual disabilities, Healthy Athletes has become a powerful public health organization worldwide. Special Olympics Wyoming currently offers health screenings in three areas: FUNfitness (physical therapy), Opening Eyes (vision) and Special Smiles (dentistry).


Did You Know?

  • Despite a mistaken belief that people with intellectual disabilities receive the same or better health care than others, they typically receive sub-standard care, or virtually no health care at all.
  • Health Athletes has the world's largest database of health data for people with intellectual disabilities.Through Healthy Athletes, more than 100,000 health care professionals have been trained to treat people with intellectual disabilities. These health care professionals provide improved care to millions.
  • Special Olympics has given out more than 90,000 pairs of prescription eyeglasses to athletes who needed them.

Please fill out the Healthy Athletes Permission form and return it to Special Olympics Wyoming or bring it to the event!

We are continuously looking for additional Healthy Athletes opportunities to offer a better experience for our athletes, this includes recruiting Clinical Directors to help run screenings. Please see the resources on the right about job descriptions.

To find out more about Healthy Athletes and how you can get involved, please contact our Director of Field Services.


Healthy Athletes Permission Form


Are You a Healthy Athlete?


Clinical Director Resources:

Fit Feet Clinical Director Job Description

FUNfitness Clinical Director Job Description

Healthy Hearing Clinical Director Job Description

Medfest Clinical Director Job Description

Opening Eyes Clinical Director Job Description

Special Smiles Job Description

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