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National Canvassing Initiative (NCI)

National Canvassing Initiative (NCI)Canvassing, also known as face-to-face, is a fundraising campaign in which marketers engage prospective donors out in the public. This typically happens on high-traffic sidewalks in large metropolitan areas and in shopping malls. The goal of the marketer’s interaction with the potential donor is to share the mission of Special Olympics Wyoming and gain the support of monthly partners.

The NCI officially launched in March 2019 in Washington, DC, with 40 US Programs participating. We had to suspend the program due to COVID-19. We look forward to resuming the activity as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Digital Fundraising Videos (DFV)

Digital Fundraising Videos (DFV), this campaign is to build new monthly donors and raise awareness of needed support for Special Olympics. We utilized digital streaming, video pre-roll, display, and paid social for placement.


In 2011, SOI and Participating Programs launched the integrated direct marketing program (“IDMP”) to integrate telephone and online efforts with the existing direct mail program. Through the IDMP, each Participating Program authorizes SOI to include the participating program’s partners in marketing campaigns conducted by SOI within the Participating Program’s jurisdiction.