Local & Area Fundraising

Local Fundraising ideas with a factor of FUN!

Peer to Peer Fundraising

Peer to Peer Fundraising

Peer to Peer fundraisers are a great way to raise awareness and funds for the Special Olympics Wyoming movement.

These are quick and easy opportunities to raise funds from all across the USA. Become a champion and raise money by joining a team or raise money solo. Participate in an event like the Jackalope Jump, Donate to Insulate, or purchase an auction item or donate to an event.

Before engaging in any fundraising opportunity on behalf of Special Olympics Wyoming it is important to read over the guidelines set forth in the Fundraising section of the Coordinators Manual located on the Special Olympics Wyoming website.

Once you have decided on a specific event, you need to fill out the Fundraising Notification Form at least 30 days prior to your event for approval.

For more information on Local Fundraising Events contact development@specialolympicswy.org.

1-3 People

1-3 People

Grant Writing

Grant writing takes more of a time investment but can net a higher financial gain, anywhere from $250 to $2,500. Check with Jen Haines to check on availability of grants in your community.

Civic organizations

We welcome volunteers to come and speak on behalf of the organization. Special Olympics is a Global emphasis with the Knights of Columbus and the American Legion. Other civic organizations including, but not limited to, Kiwanis, Optimists ,VFW, Eagles, Moose and the Elks have historically been supportive financially as well as major volunteer contributors. Win Win!

Employer Match Programs

Employer match programs are also a great source of volunteer hours and financial contributions combined. Reaching out to local manufacturing, mining and corporate businesses to inquire if they have a Employee Hourly Donation program in place that allows employees to donate hours of pay per month to the local program, or, for every hour an employee spends volunteering for Special Olympics, the employer will donate X amount. There are many variations on this idea that have been successful, and creativity increases the opportunity for success.

6-10 People

6-10 People

Garage/Bake/Cookbook Sales

Garage, bake, and cookbook sales are one of the best ways to raise awareness and funds in your neighborhood. Gather your friends and gather your stuff! Whether it be baked goods, garage treasures, used books or recipes...create your sale! Invite students, teachers, churches and other local organizations to include all ages in the fun!


Roll, walk, skate, swim, dance marathons bring in dollars through registration fees and by sponsoring a mile, an hour or a lap.

Guests serving guests

Guests serving guests generates dollars by offering your services in a local restaurant bussing tables, hosting or waiting tables. There are many variations on this event, for example, the volunteer staff donates all tips to the organization or a certain percentage of the sales is donated. The event can be advertised which brings in more support, awareness and in turn more dollars.


Concession proceeds has been successful in different areas of the state for various events like rodeos, mountain man rendezvous and school sporting events. Contact the concessionaire and request that a certain percentage of the proceeds benefit your local program, or if you volunteer to park cars, a certain percentage of that fee would go to the local program.

15-20 People

15-20 People


Gala Events are usually held annually and need a committee of dedicated people. These are one of the many ways to raise awareness and funds in your community. With the right venue, silent and live auction items you can raise awareness and funds while having a great time connecting your organization and the community.