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For every inspiring Special Olympics athlete in Wyoming there are 5 more people waiting for their chance.

Set upCommunity Auctions partners with Special Olympics organizations in 16 states across the country. Charity donations generated by patrons like you at our Event Tables provide life-changing opportunities for the programs they serve. 

The motivation of connecting charities with their local communities is the theme behind everything Community Auctions does.  Working closely with thousands of charity events every year, we’ve seen firsthand the significant amount of time, energy, and financial resources it takes for charities to raise money.

Each year Americans give around $400 billion to philanthropic causes. Although that is a substantial number, it’s relatively stable. For charities and nonprofits, this means they are competing with each other for a relatively set amount of charitable dollars from a relatively set base of charitable givers.

We strive to be a company that addresses the broader needs of charities and nonprofit organizations nationwide. That’s why we offer a simple program that allows these philanthropic pursuits to become more efficient and maximize the giving power that can be generated. Thereby meeting a need with a solution.

Community Auctions offers a solution that is sustainable, raises awareness, and increases a charity’s support base while eliminating the financial burden of putting on a fundraising event. Since 2019, more than 9,500 businesses have hosted a Local Benefit in support of a local charity. Over 150,000 patrons have purchased an item from those tables. Over $3,000,000 in proceeds have been generated to benefit charity segments across the country.

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